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“Indeed, the highest pleasure of golf may be that on the fairways and far from all the pressures of commerce and rationality, we can feel immortal for a few hours” Colman McCarthy

Surely anyone who dedicates an entire vacation to golf prizes quality, excellent service, unique scenery and, last but not least, a high-class Golf Club.
Astigiana Hotel is situated in a strategic location near the most prestigious golf greens in the Riviera delle Palme, one of which is the Filanda Golf Club about 10 minutes from the Hotel by car. The Filanda Golf Club was designed by Canadian architect Graham Cooke.
Located in a peaceful setting surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, the course green winds its way through the evocative colours of the surrounding scenery.
Expert golfers can measure themselves against the par values of each hold, whereas beginners can avail themselves of the Federation teachers and the practice green.
Thanks to the mild climate you may play golf the whole year round. When you enter the club you will find a perfectly level 9-hole green located on a plain between the Sansobbia River and the Erchi hills.
The only exceptions to this are the mounds skillfully placed there by designer architect Graham Cooke, which give movement to the green and separate the holes.

If you stay at our hospitality structure you will receive a special discount on the green fee for business days and holidays, special deals for golfers, big matches… so just book and play Golf with us!