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Perfumes, colours and flavours coexist in a delicious background

Soft rays of the sun kiss your face, the smell of the hot coffee, the foamy break dawn of the waves towards the rocks: this is the way your day starts at the Astigiana Hotel.
Day by day our Chefs invite our guests to taste different and delicious specialities prepared with accuracy.

Restaurant cuisine

A cosy and polish ambient, where you can taste the delicious creations of our Chef.
Warm Pinstripes, handle of detail, the creative cuisine and care of guests make unique our Hotel.
The Chef, with his long experience as Executive Chef in the most famous Hotels in the world, cokes particular and high level menù for our guest every day.
The best practise is the innovation and creation of tastes in the Italian cuisine.
“I only used the best regional productes” he says “this is the correct way to satisfy guests”.
“The quality of a plate depends on the quality of ingredients”

Tasting menù of a creative cuisine

Finely sliced sea bass marinade with firm julienne vegetables

Tags with courgettes’ fondue flavouring of saffron pistils and mussels

Squid stuffing of sausage on a clog of cereals

Little Sacripantina on a spray of raspberry sauce